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The Awesome Henry V8 Ford Conversion Kit

Awesome Henry - V-8 Conversion Kit

Shown here in front of a bunch of tired old 8N Ford tractors are the parts included in the Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit. The bolt-on bell housing is a gray iron casting and the fabricated pieces are top-notch and guaranteed to withstand normal farm chores. Recently at a national tractor meet in Portland, Indiana, a well known Ford reproduction individual commented that the Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit was by far the best one currently on the market.




Awesome Henry - Ford Tractor Conversions


Before overhauling it, consider an Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit. For a fraction of the cost of replacing a stock engine, you can convert it into a head turning machine. However, be forewarned that it's functionality may be overshadowed by the amount of attention it will receive at parades and tractor shows.

Using common tools, you can disassemble and remove the stock 4-banger and bolt-in an Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit in combination with an early Ford flathead in just a few evenings.

No special skills or tools are necessary! It really has been about an 8-hour job for most of our buyers.

Awesome Henry - Flathead V8This 8N with an Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion uses a flathead Ford motor from the early 1950s.

Owner and co-creator of the Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit, Don and Dave Knasel appreciate the patina that only time can deliver to a venerable old piece so they left the originality of the flat head untouched and didn't cover it with a new coat of paint.

All hardware to convert your 9N, 2N or 8N is available directly from Awesome Henry.

Each conversion kit comes with its own serial number and certificate of authenticity.

All parts necessary for the conversion come with the kit. No welding is necessary! And all parts are primed and ready for paint.

Awesome Henry - Certificate

The Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit can be used to convert any N-Series tractor into a one-of-a-kind classic that you can build yourself. Each kit is hand-crafted and bears a metal nameplate attached. Each kit is assigned its own serial number. Plus... buyers receive a letter documenting the conversion kit's authenticity.

We are committed to the production of no less than 100 kits. If you have any questions and wish to clear up any details, please phone Awesome Henry at 937-497-9447 during business hours (8 am to 5 pm daily). Please leave a message should we be out of the office and we'll return your call as soon as possible. Or send an e-mail to


Awesome Henry - Flathead V8



Take time to build a head-turner. Build with an Awesome Henry V-8 Ford Conversion Kit.

Still have questions, call us at 937-497-9447 and we’ll discuss your needs... or email: